We understand how important finding meaningful work is to transitioning military and spouses as you embark on civilian life.

Hickory Metro employers appreciate the skills you honed and knowledge gained during your service - working as a team, meeting deadlines, leading and following directions, flexibility and adaptability - and of course, significant technical skills.  You can have a real impact here in cutting-edge industries crafting products and services that touch all over the globe.


The community's two hospitals anchor the "Medical Mile" - a miles long stretch of healthcare providers to ensure you and your family's health but also provide thousands of healthcare career opportunities.

Learn more about Healthcare in the HKY.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Hickory Region has long been a manufacturing powerhouse for our country - with leading sectors of residential furniture, advanced textiles, telecommunications networks and metal/plastics fabrication.

Learn more about Advanced Manufacturing in the HKY.


With multiple, accessible Interstate highways, rail and airports, it seems like everywhere is within reach of the Hickory Metro - leading to the growth of significant presence of distribution and logistics providers operating within the region.

Learn more about the logistics cluster in the Hickory Metro.

Data Centers

The Hickory Region is home to some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment today - Apple, Google, Facebook and more all operate data centers within the area.

Learn about the data center cluster within the region.

International Firms

More than 50 companies from all over the world have established operations in the region - developing everything from retail store shopping carts to Covid-19 test kits.

Learn about the international firms that call the HKY "home".

To meet our mission, HKY4Vets has developed closed working relationships with a number of leading companies from across the Hickory area.

These diverse companies represent our HKY4Vets Talent Connect Partners - and they get IT:

  • Each partner understands the national landscape for top talent is ultra competitive
  • Each understands the technical requirements for today's jobs are rising at an unprecedented rate
  • Each understands they need LEARNERS, ACTIVE CONTRIBUTORS, and LEADERS to drive their companies forward and prepare them for an uncertain future
  • They each understand it takes an engagement and partnership beyond their four walls to proactively solve problems

They know our nation's military forces and military families are the best among US and embody these abilities everyday through their sacrifice of service, AND they know hiring a veteran or a military spouse is more "than just the right thing to do" and that hiring veterans and spouses drives business results.​

We are proud to work everyday in cooperation with these leading employment partners in our community.

Getting Started

Click here to join our HKY4Vets Career Network (Update (7/8) - in process of being established, expected by 7/31).

You will have the opportunity to upload your resume, highlight your skills/experience, as well as provide some details as to your future career aspirations.

This will be one of the first places we look for when working to find a "match" for a local employer.

We have more than a dozen great company partners with hundreds of career opportunities available. 

Check out their openings via the links below (in process) or let us know what you are looking for within your HKY4Vets profile, and we are happy to let you know any career opportunities within those areas or at specific companies.

You can drive your career search or we can assist - but when you find an opportunity that fits your aspirations and needs, apply directly through the partner's career portal.

Our team has more than a decade of close relationships with our employer partners, as well as many other companies in the Hickory area. 

We utilize those relationships to notify the hiring partner of your connection to HKY4Vets and military (or military spouse) background. 

It may seem small, but that little "nudge" can often be enough to ensure your application/resume receives the attention it deserves.