HKY4 Opportunities

Registration Open for 6/18 Virtual Hiring Event!

We understand how important finding meaningful work is to transitioning military and spouses as you embark on civilian life.

Hickory Metro employers appreciate the skills you honed and knowledge gained during your service - working as a team, meeting deadlines, leading and following directions, flexibility and adaptability - and of course, significant technical skills.  You can have a real impact here in cutting-edge industries crafting products and services that touch all over the globe.

Here are just a few of the sectors that have outsized representation and opportunities already within the region.

HKY4Vets collaborates closely with leading Hickory area companies, our Talent Connect Partners, who understand the competitive national talent landscape, rising technical job requirements, and the need for learners, active contributors, and leaders.

They recognize the value of engaging beyond their walls to proactively address challenges and acknowledge the exceptional abilities of our nation's military forces and families. Our partners know that hiring veterans and military spouses is not only the right thing to do but also drives business results.

We are proud to cooperate daily with these community employment leaders. #HKY4Vets #TalentConnect #VeteranHiring #CommunityPartnership

The Virtual Engagement Center (VEC) on our HKY4Vets website is an innovative tool designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between military talent and our Talent Connect Partners.

  • Always Accessible: The VEC is an always-on platform, allowing candidates to engage whenever they choose.
  • Hassle-free Experience: There's no registration required, ensuring an easy and barrier-free access to view your content.
  • Content-Centric: Features content-only booths to provide candidates with the most relevant and meaningful information.
  • Communication Made Easy: A unique “Leave a note” feature allows candidates to communicate directly with Hiring Managers.
  • Instant Interaction: Some booths opt to chat directly with potential candidates within the VEC for real-time engagement.

Our VEC is all about fostering genuine connections and ensuring military talent finds the perfect fit within our community.