Nathan Huret • Dec 2, 2020

A Letter to the Military Community (in honor of Veteran’s Day)

Dear Veteran and Active Service Member,

We are so grateful for you and your family.
The Hickory Metro region is where we enjoy a community of wonderful people, beautiful surroundings, thriving economy, and growing job market.
We have the freedom to walk around the bustling and growing downtown on a Saturday night; to stop for a local dinner and drink (or two)!
We have the freedom to take a quick drive to the mountains for a hike on Sunday afternoon and enjoy the beautiful fresh air, sunshine, and breathe-taking views.
We have the freedom to shop local and support small businesses who we’ve created relationships with.
We have the freedom to work in the thriving industries of manufacturing, technology, real estate, and health care.
We have the freedom to connect, network, and enjoy a growing community of all types of demographics, young and old, different races and ethnicities, and different interests and hobbies.

This community is special, but only because of the freedoms you have allowed for us to have.

Union Square – Downtown Hickory, NC

Your dedication and willingness to sacrifice for this country, both past and present, is rightly and justly put in the spotlight today.
But we say thank you, even on the days that don’t have the holiday title attached to them. We will hold onto this appreciation for your daily actions, sacrifices, and commitment to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and North Carolinians.
We see you and we invite you to be a part of our community, to call the Hickory Metro home, if you are looking for a place to land.
This letter comes from the heart of the Hickory Metro Region, a place so many people can enjoy as home because of you. Thank you.

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