Virtual Engagement Center (VEC)

Stepping from the structured world of military service into the civilian landscape can be both exciting and daunting. Questions about the right career path, suitable opportunities, and how to connect with potential employers are common. But, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Discover the HKY4Vets Virtual Engagement Center (VEC):

  • Always Open: With 24/7 accessibility, engage whenever inspiration strikes or when you have a quiet moment to reflect on your next move.
  • Simplicity at its Best: Dive right in! No registrations. No complicated sign-ups. Just straight-up information at your fingertips.
  • Content That Matters: Our content-driven booths are designed to give you meaningful insights.
  • Talk to The Right People: Use our "Leave a note" feature for direct communication with Hiring Managers.
  • Real Conversations in Real-Time: Real-time chats allow for immediate conversations fwith employers that have opted in to this feature.

HKY4Vets understands the unique challenges faced by military veterans and their spouses during transition. Our VEC is tailored to bridge the gap, linking military expertise with the best opportunities in our community. Start your civilian journey on the right foot.

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If the VEC doesn't lead you to the perfect connection, fret not.

Our dedicated HKY4Vets staff boasts extensive ties with Hickory Metro employers. Whether you're exploring your next career move, SkillBridge opportunities, or seeking general resources, we've got insights tailored for you.

For optimal assistance, simply click the button below and fill out our intake form, and we'll guide you through the Hickory Metro talent landscape. Your ideal connection might just be one conversation away.