HKY4Vets Talent Connect Partners are companies that get IT.

  • They understand the national landscape for top talent is ultra competitive
  • They understand the technical requirements for today's jobs are rising at an unprecedented rate
  • They understand they need LEARNERS, ACTIVE CONTRIBUTORS, and LEADERS to drive their companies forward and prepare them for an uncertain future
  • They understand it takes an engagement and partnership beyond their four walls to proactively solve problems

They know our nation's military forces and military families are the best among US and embody these abilities everyday through their sacrifice of service.


They know hiring a veteran or a military spouse is more "than just the right thing to do" and that hiring veterans and spouses drives business results.​

We are proud to work everyday in cooperation with these leading employment partners in our community.

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This will help us as we seek to provide you with:
  • No-cost 1-on-1 transition coaching
  • Resume review and assistance
  • Connections to local and state resources to ensure a smooth transition
  • Local insight into living in the Hickory Metro
  • Peer networking & camaraderie


Want a great way to connect quickly and more directly with our HKY4Vets Talent Connect Partners, then jump right into our Virtual Engagement Center (VEC):

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