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HKY4Vets assists Servicemembers & Military Families make a successful civilian transition to the Hickory, North Carolina region

Live where you love......

After your military service, you truly can live anywhere.

  • Live where you love connection, not congestion.
  • Live where you love making a future.
  • Live where you love live music.
  • Live where you love making an impact.

...& more to love in the Hickory, North Carolina area.

One of the things that helped was someone at your organization contacted the hiring official directly. As he is also a Veteran it helped me immensely.
I have been turned down for so many jobs because of my disability status and truthfully I was losing hope that I would ever find employment again. Your work matters.


US Army Retired, hired by Catawba Valley Health Systems

Diversity of Opportunity

The Hickory region maintains a unique blend of careers - with everything from a national hub for advanced manufacturing to leading location for logistics firms and even a large, regional healthcare cluster.


The community's two hospitals anchor the "Medical Mile" - a miles long stretch of healthcare providers to ensure you and your family's health but also provide thousands of healthcare career opportunities.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Hickory Region has long been a manufacturing powerhouse for our country - with leading sectors of residential furniture, advanced textiles, telecommunications networks and metal/plastics fabrication.


With multiple, accessible Interstate highways, rail and airports, it seems like everywhere is within reach of the Hickory Metro - leading to the growth of significant presence of distribution and logistics providers operating within the region.

Data Centers

The Hickory Region is home to some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment today - Apple, Google, Facebook and more all operate data centers within the area.

International Firms

More than 50 companies from all over the world have established operations in the region - developing everything from retail store shopping carts to Covid-19 test kits.

Our Team


Lindsay Keisler

Co-Founder & Chief of Strategy and Relations
Lindsay helped create HKY4Vets in 2016 and remains active in the long-term strategy of the organization. She also develops and maintains key partner relationships and funders. Lindsay did not serve within the military (daughter of NC National Guardsmen), but is incredibly passionate about giving back to this particular community. By day, Lindsay is the President and CEO of the Chamber of Catawba County.

Nathan Huret

Co-Founder & Chief of Veteran Engagement
Since 2016, Nathan has co-lead HKY4Vets - managing much of the daily operations, communications and direct service member engagement for the organization. Though he never served, he is extremely passionate about serving those who have served our country. Nathan is the Director of Existing Industry Services at Catawba County Economic Development Corp, where he assists companies on a daily basis.